Elements of Design
The Elements of design play an important role in the creation and success of a piece of art, whether it's for outdoor, indoor, digital or print medium. These elements are:
Space is the area provided for a particular purpose. It may have two dimensions (length and width), such as a floor, or it may have three dimensions (length, width, and height). Space includes the background, foreground and middle ground.Space refers to the distances or areas around, between or within components of a piece.There are two type of space:positive and negative space.Positive space refers to the space ao shape representing the subject matter.Negative space refers to the open space around the subject matter.
Line is the basic element of art which refers to the continous movement of a point along a surface,such as a pencil or brush. The edges of shapes and forms also create lines. It is the basic component of a shape drawn on paper. Lines and curves are the basic building blocks of two dimensional shapes like a house's plan. Experiment in design by adding or changing lines such as the lines of the floor plan of a house.Every line has length, thickness,and direction.
Color is the most expressive element of art and is seen by the way light reflects off a surface. Color accures when light hits the surface of an object and is reflected back to the eye and is used to create illusion of depth, as red colors seem to come forward while blue seems to recede into the distance. Color, and particularly contrasting is also used to draw the attention to a particular part of the image. On some cases of interior design, color can be added to increase visual appeal such as the natural colors of wood of a china cabinet. Color may add visual appeal to a home decor just as colored flowers can add beauty to a field on a prairie.There are:primary color,secondary color,and tertiary color.Primary consist of red,blue, and yellow.Secondary consist of orange,purple(voilet),and green;secondary color is made by mixing two primary colors on either sides of the color wheel.Tertiary consist of red-orange,red-purple,blue-purple,blue-green,yellow-orange,and yellow-green.Tertiary colors are made by mixing a primary and secondary color.Tertiary color always tart with a primary color.Complimentary colors are colors the=at are opposite to each other on the color wheel.Complimentary color are used to create contrast.Analogous colors are colors that are found side by side on the color wheel and analogous colrs can be used to create color harmony.Monochramatic means tints and shades of one color.Tint of one color color is to add white to the color and shade is to add black to the color.Warm colors are a group of colors that remind us of warm places and things such are red,yellow,and orange.For example fire,sun and fireworks.Cool colors are group of colors that remindsus of cool places and things such as purple,green,and blue.For example ice,cool,and the sea.
Shape is an area enclosed by lines.Shapes are two dimensional and in other word flat. shapes can also show prespective by overlaping. It can be geometric or organic. Importantly, a shape automatically creates a around it. Shapes in house decor and interior design can be used to add interest, style, theme to a design like a door. Shape in interior design depends on the function of the object like a kitchen cabinet door. Natural shapes forming patterns on wood or stone may help increase visual appeal in interior design.In a landscape, natural shapes, such as trees contrast with geometeric such as houses.
Texture is the way the surface of an object actual feelof the fabrics,colors,and room accessories..In the artistic world,we refer to two types of texture Tactile and Implied.Tactile Texture(real texture)is the way the surface of an object actual feel.Example:sandpaper,cotton balls,tree bark, puppy fur(etc).Implied Texture is the way the surface on an object look like it feel.Example:Texture may look rough, fizzy,scoffy or gritty,but can not actual be felt. this type of texture is used by artist when drawing or painting.
Form is any three dimensional objects. Form can be measured, from top to bottom (height),side to side(width),and from jback to front(depth).Form is also defined by light and dark.There are two types of form which are geometric(man-made)and natural(organic form).May be created by the forming of two or more shapes. It may be enhanced by tone, texture and color. It can be illustrated or constructed.
Value is an element of art which refers to the relationship between light and dark on a surface or object and also helps with Form. It gives objects depth and perception. Value is also referred to as tone. Basically shading.
Type is the use of letterform to add a message that would be otherwise challenging to create through the other elements.
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